By Dan Arel

Parenting without God: How to Raise Moral, Ethical, and Intelligent Children, Free from Religious Dogma (2019, PM Press)

This practical guide—written with humility, compassion, and understanding—helps parents teach their children about standing up to religious proselytization and recognizing all forms of discrimination that hamper human dignity and democracy. It’s for parents who wish for their children to question everything and reach their own conclusions based on verifiable evidence. Above all, Arel makes the argument that parents should lead by example—both by speaking candidly about the importance of secularism and by living an unabashedly secular life.

Including Dan Arel

Godless: 150 Years of Disbelief - Introduction by Dan Arel (2019, PM Press)

Godless is a compilation of wide-ranging texts, both hilarious and horrifying, on atheism, belief, and religion. The selections in the book appeared in various formats from the late 19th century through the early 21st, and their authors were often active in the anarchist, Marxist, or radical leftist movements of their day. Derived from printed pamphlets, periodicals, and newspaper pieces that were mass-produced and widely distributed, these texts serve as freethinking propaganda in a media war against morbid authoritarian doctrines. With both a sophisticated analysis of inconsistencies in deistic beliefs and a biting satirical edge, Godless gives ammunition to those fighting fundamentalist bigotry—and more than a few reasons to abandon Christianity. Readers previously familiar with the authors’ political polemics will be rewarded in contemplating another side of their remarkable literary output. Contributors include Emma Goldman, Ambrose Bierce, Chaz Bufe, E. Haldeman-Julius, Earl Lee, G. Richard Bozarth, Johann Most, Joseph McCabe, Matilda Gage, Pamela Sutter, S.C. Hitchcock, and Sébastien Faure.

Voice in the Dark - Foreword by Dan Arel

A high school reacts to a controversial anonymous speaker calling out otherwise unspoken corruption within its ranks.

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Parenting without God, first edition (2015, Pitchstone Publishing)

The Secular Activist (2016, Pitchstone Publishing) - 2nd edition out soon!