Utilizing The Coaches Site for Youth Hockey

The Coaches Site can help improve your coaching, regardless of level. Here’s a breakdown of why.

Recently, I helped onboard 15 coaches from my home organization onto The Coaches Site. One of the most common questions I got from these coaches was, “how does this apply to me?”

It’s a fair question because at our home rink, we only deal with youth hockey and much of The Coaches Site, at first glance, does seem geared towards juniors, college, and professional hockey. However, having been a member myself for some time now, I have found the site to be incredibly useful, and I only currently coach at the 10U level.

While The Coaches Site is for all levels of coaching, I have found ways to apply lectures, drills, and more that are geared for higher levels of play, to my youth hockey team.

Doing so is surprisingly straightforward, but easy to miss if you immediately feel overwhelmed.

So how did I do it? I find what applies and I apply it, and I bank what doesn’t apply for the future, but most often, I take what I have learned, modify it, and adapt it for my age level, and tell other coaches to do the same.

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