Finding Your Team Identity

When our rink was given the go-ahead to open up for training amidst the COVID-19 pandemic we were not able to have fully functional team practices for some time and were not allowed to plan games. This made finding our teams strengths and weaknesses difficult, but also made it near impossible to find our teams identity.

Thankfully, after months of dragging kids through endless practices, we got the chance to travel out of state and compete in a hockey tournament. An exciting adventure for players who just wanted to play some games, but also for coaches who would have a chance to see everything we have been working on for months on end, come to fruition. Our team is full of players with potential to be those overtime heroes, the kids who can take a puck end-to-end and do all the work themselves. Yet, this is the furthest thing we instilled in them, we coached teamwork, and a full ice passing game, but would it work?

I am happy to write that it did, we went 5 and 0 in the tournament and I watched a team identity form on its own. Those individual heroes I mentioned, racked up just as many, if not more assists than they did goals. And as I went back and watched video, I thought to myself, “wow, this team is fast!” From there, I found our identity through the rest of our play.

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