A Statement Regarding David Silverman of American Atheists

I am extremely saddened, angry, and disappointed to learn about the actions of David Silverman, someone who I looked up to as a mentor and called a friend. In the end, like far too many men, he turned out to be a monster.

His actions are unforgivable and disgusting. I can’t believe the trauma these women had to endure at his hands, and the burden they carried for so long, too afraid to come forward because they feared how men in the movement would vilify them and defend yet another sexual predator in our ranks. The men in this movement must be better.

I want to commend American Atheists for moving so quickly on this and not dragging their feet as we have seen other organizations do in recent months (and years).

I have immediately removed my book, The Secular Activist, for which Silverman wrote the Foreword and his activism is predominately displayed throughout the book, from my website and have made my publisher aware of Silverman’s actions. While Silverman does not benefit financially from my book sales, I cannot, in good conscience sell a product that promotes such a person.

Please join me in supporting the courageous women who are speaking truth to power and building a better, safer atheist community.

-Dan Arel