The New Arab: New atheism’s move from Islamophobia to white nationalism

Image: Getty (From The New Arab)
“New atheism” has of late become increasingly sympathetic to right-wing causes and voices.

For years it was accused of anti-Muslim bigotry in the form of Islamophobia.

Proponents argue that these new atheists are simply criticising religion, and while in some cases this is true, opponents are quick to point out other times when the attacks turn to demonising Muslims in general, inflaming anti-Muslim bigotry.

The growth of such bigotry in the new atheist movement has not subsided, and in fact, in recent years has only grown to give rise to voices that promote bigotry across a broader field, bringing new atheism from a seemingly Islamophobic movement to a white nationalist one.

It’s become increasingly harder to differentiate the so-called liberal-centrists of the new atheist movement and those on the far-right, supporting Muslim travel bans and fanning the flames of racial tension around the United States.

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