Flag Burning Shows Conservatives Don’t Want Freedom, They Want Authoritarian Rule

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On July 4, the day in which Americans celebrate its independence from England, a celebration of freedom for most, I decided to test said freedoms against those who defend it the loudest.

I tweeted a photo of a person holding a burning flag with the caption, “Happy Fourth,” and then awaited the results.

What I found was not all that shocking but instead, shows the deep contrast between those who talk about freedom and those who actually advocate for it.

Democrats and liberals either ignored the post or condemned flag burning while defending a person’s right to do it. Some found the post childish and felt the need to point that out but by and large left it at that and moved on. No death threats, no asking me to leave the country, and no calling for my arrest.

Republicans, or conservatives, on the other hand, had a different response. As of this moment, the post has more than 1,200 replies, most of which are from this group.

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