About Dan

Dan Arel is a author, journalist, speaker and secular activist residing in San Diego, CA. He writes on secular and humanist values on subjects such as secular parenting, church and state separation, education reform and secularism in public policy.


Dan is available for interviews and speaking engagements. If interested you can contact him here. Abstracts of his talks are available upon request.

Dan writes Op-Ed pieces for AlterNet and The Huffington Post. He is also a Special Correspondent for American Atheists, has a column called Danthropology in American Atheists Magazine and is also a contributing writer and editor for The Richard Dawkins Foundation. He writes on atheism, religion, science and politics and has a book for secular parents coming out in late 2014 on Dangerous Little Books. He has also written for Truthout, The Examiner and Digital Journal.


His articles and various quotes have been featured on NBC News, Washington Post, Christian Post, Christian Today, Religious News Service, Sojourners, Pasadena Weekly, Kentucky Kernel and others.

He recently signed a book deal with Dangerous Little Books to publish a new book on secular parenting and why religion is child abuse. More info on the book to come very soon.